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Tay Whale

Tay Whale

Dundee Waterfront Place, Dundee

At the heart of the new waterfront place, the project is situated beside the new astounding V&A Dundee. Lee was fortunate to win a competition last year that called for a very multifaceted design brief that sort after a design for a 650 sqm2 interactive digital play park and a landmark sculpture, to create a canopy and beacon for this most prominent location.  Capturing an essence of the historical city that looked to build on celebrating the many aspects of the city’s historical and contemporary cultural heritage, from its pioneering work in gaming and design industry in recent times, to its historical ground voyages to the Antarctic, to areas of the history that have been subverted in more recent years, that cannot be unobserved, but have been confronted in a positive light, for the 21st century such as the whaling industry that Dundee relied upon for its Jute industry.

One such example of this subversion can be witnessed in the groundbreaking work that is being undertaken by the University of St Andrew’s, to better understand the communication of whales, through their fascinating whale song’s and offer us a greater understanding and connection to the natural world and how to preserve and learn from this.

Watch the video documentary series that captured the journey from conception to installation here.


Dundee City Council


Dundee, Scotland, UK

(56.45807517627011, -2.965783923424241)




650m2 *Interactive Park

H 7m x W 18m x L 36m *Whale Sculpture


Format Engineers, Littlehampton Welding


AJ Architecture Awards
Landscape and Public Realm
Shortlist 2022

PSSA Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture
Shortlist 2022

Scottish Design Awards
Shortlist 2022

Civic Trust Awards: Regional Finalists
Shortlist 2023

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